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My teaching approach: newly defined

After having taught for over fifteen years in numerous settings, I aim at developing a personalized teaching approach in a structured (but flexible) setting. I am happy to provide clearly defined classes, a wide range of possibilities to go deeper, offer privates and coaching and maintain personalized contact with all my students.   Here are some important guidelines to my…

Chimichurri: a green recipe

A South American classic and a good friend at grill parties- Chimichurri!

Greens are thought to drain out excess moisture accumulated in the cold and damp winter months. Through their bitter qualities they also help purify the blood and are packed with antioxidants, making this recipe a good friend both in summer and in spring and a simple way to give toasts, eggs, pasta and vegetables (pretty much everything) a special taste!

There are countless Chimichurri recipes but the core ingredients are always the same: parsley, vinegar, olive oil, garlic, salt & chili.

After years of leading a life without chimichurri, I was happy to find it again at GustaV and was inspired to bring it back into my life by my new Mala Necklace from Nintaanzi, a project supporting Peruvian women while celebrating their culture and heritage. I love the deep green of my mala and the connection to the South American artisan communities it awakens… food and meditation are powerful tools for transformation!


Here is what I came up with:

2 Tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar

¼ Teaspoon of cayenne pepper or dried chipotle chili (my favorite chili, rediscovered at Sebastian Copien’s cooking workshop)

60 Grams of parsley

2 Bulbs of garlic (roast it if you cannot digest it raw)

100 ml of organic native olive oil

Salt & pepper to taste


Wash and chop the parsley and blend all the ingredients in a food processor to an oily, pesto-like consistency. Best when eaten fresh, it will keep for 1-2 days in the refrigerator.


Get the whole story on Nintaanzi, a project by my friend Flor in Munich and

learn more about the benefits of parsley in our bodies in Dr. Doulliard’s article


Yoga Interview: Bianca Günther

I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity of working with and learning from very dedicated and committed yoga practitioners and teachers. Bianca Günther is one of them. As a dancer, anatomy lover and movement specialist, her classes are designed to reach deeply in a methodical yet creative way.

She is competent, analytical and sensitive and is one of the specialist I count on to deepen my understanding of my own body. Every single session I’ve had with her has brought both insight and transformation. Thank you, Bianca for your for the interview!

find more about her work:


Yoga Tutorial: Quick release for the lower back

It is almost epidemic! In almost every single class I teach people will complain of tightness in the neck and a sensitive lower back. Yoga has not only a good reputation against these common issues but it is quick and effective: most practices will have some focus on strengthening the core muscles, making space and mobilizing areas that tend to become stiff and increasing body awareness. All very effective tools against these and other bodily issues! Here is a (very) quick sequence to help release and soothe the lower back. Filmed with Abraham from, Die Cabreras, and produced by Reini, from Loving Salzburg.

Quick Yoga for a tight neck and upper back

Sitting long hours working with the back hunched can be really challenging for the muscles in the neck and the upper back. A great way to mobilize and create a sense of freedom is to introduce short pauses that bring back movement and help us connect to the breath. This will not only get the energy flowing and help release the muscles that tend to get tight but will also allow for more focus, concentration and centeredness. Thank you Nabila and loving Salzburg for your help!

Cooking Tutorial: Hummus at Jeanskamel with Nabila

One of the best parts about my job is meeting and working with very inspiring people of all sorts. I am so grateful to have met Nabila Irshaid, a  visual artist, mother and multitalented woman who is amazingly never tired of implementing new ideas and creating new spaces both for herself and for others. She has just recently opened a new room in Salzburg for art, coffee and upcycling of new materials: Jeanskamel, which is meant to be a meeting point and a space for inspiration and exchange where she works with the help of refugees.

With a Palestinian background, she not only knows how to bake great brownies but owns the secrets to a good hummus and this is what she so kindly shared with us in this tutorial. Danke, meine Liebe!

Visit her unique space at the Müllner Hauptstrasse 12 and try her hummus yourself!


Ayurveda Interview with Neelesh Taware

Out of all of the teachers of Ayurveda I have had, Neelesh has been one of the most influential. His openness and curiosity make him a bridge between cultures and his knowledge, skill and experience are a gift to all his students. His manners are polite, his mind clear and his heart big. Thank you Neelesh for coming to Salzburg!