Guacamole – cooking with Abraham at Die Cabreras

A very simple, yet extremely tasty and versatile dish: GUACAMOLE! Thank you, Abraham, cook and owner at Die Cabreras for your great recipe and your time. If you are curious about some ayurvedic tipps on how to enjoy this Mexican speciality read the text below the video.

The world loves guacamole! Made up primarily of avocado, a fruit with a heavy richness that can be compared with fine cheeses, creams and butter, guacamole is both grounding and nourishing. It can be slightly too heavy for the digestive fire so the following principles can help in the digestion of this tasty fruit.

  1. Use only ripe avocados. Only ripe fruit is said to be digestible. Both unripe and overly ripe fruit will more easily cause trouble. Not sure if the avocado is good? Watch this trick, this never fails!
  2. Don’t combine guacamole with many other heavy foods like heavy cheese, fried food or meat.
  3. The lime, pepper and the coriander will lighten the dish up. Don’t skip them.
  4. Reduce the amount of raw onion or leave it out all together for sensitive digestions.
  5. Like any other heavy (and special) dish, eat with awareness and avoid eating too much of it. I know, it is not always easy…
  6. Enjoy it. Eat only food that makes you feel satisfied, nourished and happy!