Cooking Tutorial: How to make a great espresso!

You might wonder what a coffee tutorial is doing in a Yoga & Ayurveda blog; I asked myself the same thing, too. But because coffee has a special place in my life and restriction and purism don’t anymore, I thought I would share with you the love for a drink that encourages us to choose quality over quantity and can actually teach us about mindful eating and wise consumption. Klick here to learn more about coffee from the ayurvedic perspective and read the the text below the video for Denise’s tips on making a great espresso at home.

Produced by Loving Salzburg, filmed at GustaV: Salzburg’s first (very good) vegan Bistro.

Because I don’t have a wonderful coffee machine at home, I asked Denise for tipps on making coffee at home. This is what she said:

1. Buy a good quality coffee. Preferably organic and fair trade.

2.  Grind freshly for every cup for extra good results.

3. Keep the beans in an air tight container.

4. Use an Italian coffee maker, they will give you good results and save space in the kitchen.

5. Make and enjoy the coffee in mindfulness.

Thanks GustaV for your time, your tips and your wonderful coffee!