Cooking Tutorial: Hummus at Jeanskamel with Nabila

One of the best parts about my job is meeting and working with very inspiring people of all sorts. I am so grateful to have met Nabila Irshaid, a  visual artist, mother and multitalented woman who is amazingly never tired of implementing new ideas and creating new spaces both for herself and for others.

She has just recently opened a new room in Salzburg for art, coffee and upcycling of new materials: Jeanskamel, which is meant to be a meeting point and a space for inspiration and exchange where she works with the help of refugees.

With a Palestinian background, she not only knows how to bake great brownies but owns the secrets to a good hummus and this is what she so kindly shared with us in this tutorial. Danke, meine Liebe!

Visit her unique space at the Müllner Hauptstrasse 12 and try her hummus yourself!