The world loves chia

I love chia pudding

Packed with omega 3 oils, antioxidants and fiber, chia seeds have become very popular in the last few years. It is commonly used as a topping in salads, in smoothies, deserts and in energy bars or even as an egg substitute for vegan backing. Some of us (Mexicans) might have memories of these seeds as “chia pets” or in grandma’s chia lemonade.

The chia plant (a member of the mint family) is abundant in Mexico and in South America and the seeds were already used in Aztec times, thought to provide supernatural powers.

Chia provides a nutty flavor and, when used soaked, a slimy texture (what is said to be very soothing for the gut). They make a great “healthy desert” option and provide a crunch in salads, pasta and smoothies. Here is a collection of some of my favorite recipes. Eat more chia! Learn to love it and if you don’t like it in food, make a chia pet!