Today is a good day to start!

This blog starts like a new year, full of good intentions, expectations and hope. It is born out of my desire to make some changes and live a vibrant and awakened life. No major deal: no operations, no divorce, no traveling around the world implied, just simple practices to enhance the enjoyment of being and that of living in a physical body. I guess that makes it a food and health blog, and a means to deal with oneself as an eater, a consumer, a depredator, a creator and a human.

As I start my Training as an Ayurvedic Nutrition Consultant, this blog is a way to keep myself evolving, inspired and with it. My future projects are discovering oil pulling, the wonders of ghee, trying out as many ayurvedic oils and treatments as possible and perfecting my Chai and gluten-free brownie skills. Yes, I am excited and ready to start!

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