My teaching approach: newly defined

After having taught for over fifteen years in numerous settings, I aim at developing a personalized teaching approach in a structured (but flexible) setting. I am happy to provide clearly defined classes, a wide range of possibilities to go deeper, offer privates and coaching and maintain personalized contact with all my students.


Here are some important guidelines to my system:


Not all the classes are the same. Used to working in open systems, big groups and many times with anonymous students, I hope to provide clearly structured classes that suit different needs and levels of experience. Not every practice is good for everyone. Choose mindfully, finding the right class is important.


An ongoing Workshop Program. Weekly classes are not enough for those who want to understand the mechanics of the poses and the principles behind the practice. I focus strongly on developing a monthly offer to deepen technical and theoretical aspects. Join them! They will make regular classes more interesting.


Privates. Work with me. Working one-on-one is also a great way to go deeper and address individual issues. All regular students have a special price of €50.- (instead of €70.-) for a one-on-one session (70 min). I’d be more than happy to work with you.


Personalized contact/ talk to me. If you have a question or something doesn’t feel right, please let me know. Teaching gets interesting only when you know who is standing in front of you. I wish to provide useful and personalized information rather than recite a number of learned instructions.


A regular practice in a flexible system. I aspire at seeing my student’s practice develop. Come to class regularly and work with me for an extended period of time. That is why the 10-Class Block is valid for only 12 weeks but in ALL classes