Yoga Interview: Florian Eibl

This is the first of a series of interviews I will conduct with people I work with; people whose teachings I find specially interesting and whose energy inspire me not only as a yogini, but also as a person.

This time I talked to Florian Eibl, or Flo(ws), a yoga teacher and massage therapist from Salzburg. Florian, like many Austrians, is an outdoor junkie; his whole being is rooted deeply in nature and so is his practice. He teaches a special form of yoga called “The Five Element Form” spread by Peter Clifford, who learned it over four decades ago from an Tantric Sadhu in Assam. This form of yoga synchronizes simple movements (performed in a flow) with breath, sound and the visualization of color to regulate and balance the five elements that we are made of (according to the Ayurvedic tradition). It is a practice that understands and addresses our being in its totality: our physicality through, for example, the stimulation of organ functioning and the release of muscular tension, as well as our emotional and spiritual being.

Listen to Florian himself to find out more! And visit his website for more Information:

A special thanks to GustaV for the location and for the great food.