Yoga Interview: Jeanette Fuchs

The world needs more yin!

Journalist, travel blog author and yoga teacher, Jeanette Fuchs, shares her experience as a committed and very inspiring yogini. She teaches regular classes, workshops and organizes retreats. Find her busy schedule here.

Together, we will be hosting “Flow & Glow” a Yoga Event in the Schweiger Deli on June 18th.

Do you want her “keep things simple” tea recipe? Read the text under the video. And stay tuned for next week’s Yoga Tutorial where she shows her favorite Yin Yoga Pose.

Thanks for everything, Jeanette!

“Make it simple, but significant”

Add 10 fresh mint leaves to 500ml of freshly boiled water, then the juice of a lemon and, after the water has cooled down to approximately 40º, honey to taste.

Enjoy mindfully and with delight.