Big thanks to the Summer Academy!

summer academyLucky me! This year, I got to have a little part in of Salzburg’s summer highlights: the Summer Academy.

For the third time, the Academy organized a series of guided walks through the city. As this year all walks were guided by foreigners living in Salzburg, they happened to ask me to participate! Happy to be able to show what I truly believe to be both an exciting and yet relaxed place; I thought of focusing on the bodily experience of the city. After all, Salzburg has made me not only a stronger woman (I’d never done more cycling, climbed more mountains and swum in colder water than in Austria) but it has helped me heal and has taught me to love my body and cherish a connection with nature.


Until I moved to Salzburg, my experience of nature had been almost only theoretical (no wonder, I lived almost all my life in Mexico City, a monster of more than 20 million people), but experiencing, honoring and understanding nature’s rhythms (which I first tried to ignore by eating mainly salad in the winter and thinking fat to be something for hibernating squirrels) has made me feel part of this amazing creation. I thought I liked Salzburg because I feel safe here (a feeling one shouldn’t encourage in big Mexican cities) and feel contained and supported (like most of the people on this planet, I never lived in a state with social benefits like the Austrian).


summer academy 5Yet, I realized that what truly makes me feel at home and why I am ready to say that I LOVE the city is because of its people. What makes this place special for me is not its architecture, nor its history but the nurturing connection I’ve made to hundreds of people, for which I am deeply grateful.

No wonder, by teaching yoga I get to work with open, friendly and positive beings seeking for meaningful answers and connection. Artists, housewives, students and office workers they all motivate me to keep on searching and developing more tools to help, connect and support.

To walk around Salzburg is to remember all encouraging, motivating, inspiring and even challenging voices that have made this place a possibility of transformation, growth and connection. This walk was for me an act of gratitude and marvel of how rich the last ten years have been. Thank you for being part of them!