Buy Nothing Year: confessions of a conflicted consumer

For a woman who reads more about vegetables than about the latest fashion trends in Paris, I’ve managed to assemble quite a clothes collection (made up mainly of yoga garments).
Ok, it didn’t buy it all at once and I’ve gotten rid of very little over the years but I am still the un-proud owner of more than 30 yoga pants (some are really hard to distinguish from pajamas) and some 40 tops. And I know I am not alone. I am, like many of us, a consumer guided by sales, exciting new colors and the promise that the next buy will actually make me feel better, that it will add something to my life.

Yes, I know that’s an illusion, but I still found myself seeking organic fabrics produced only in Europe that promised to make me feel delicious (some of the pants turned out to be see-through!), tops that offered better performance, mindfulness and lightness (who wouldn’t fall for that!) and a bunch of other stuff I don’t even remember why I bought.

And even though my collection takes a big part of my half of the closet (I haven’t been able to negotiate more space). I feel my best teaching and practicing in a T-shirt and leggings. What do we really need? The way we consume is not only crazy, it is also not sustainable and I know it is certainly not enough, but I can only start whit myself. I am going for a radical de-consumerism measure, a re-programming of my mind and a new form of DETOX to base my life on values, not on things.

I will not buy any clothes for a year (second hand, upcycling and gifts excluded) and would be happy not to do this alone. Does anybody want to join? Check out the „Buy Nothing Day“ in Salzburg, an initiative that inspired me to make this decision.