Tortoise: Yin Yoga with Jeanette Fuchs

I learned to love Yin Yoga in Jeanette’s classes, quite an achievement for an impatient practitioner who is used to always striving for more.

Yin Yoga is a slow paced practice of long, passively held poses. Its benefits are many: on the physical level it is great for increasing flexibility and joint mobility, reaching also the deep levels of the connective tissue. At the energetic level, it works on the meridian system, stimulating the flow of energy through certain energy channels, which is said to act on organ function, the immune system and overall wellbeing. Yin Yoga can also act as antidote for our fast paced life and pushy nature. This practice encourages us to become attentive, cultivate patience and a deep sense of presence. Try it out! Your body will thank you for it…