Guacamole: a simple recipe

guacamole recipeThe world cannot be wrong. Guacamole rocks! It is not only extremely easy to prepare, making it a healthy snack or delicious side dish, but it also nurturing, grounding and cooling. You’ll find thousands of recipes on the internet but here is my lazy-cook’s version.

1. Peel and seed the (ripe!) avocado; mash it and add lemon juice, a bit of salt and fresh ground pepper. Yo don’t know if the avocado is ripe? Click HERE

2. Dice a tomato, remove the seeds and add it to the avocado mixture.

3. Add some fresh coriander leaves.

4. To keep the guacamole fresh, use my grandma’s trick: keep the seed in the mixture to slow down the browning process or eat up immediately!

NOTE: Typically, the recipe would require finely chopped onion and chili. But in order to make the dish more easily digestible and more appropriate for the summer, I left them out. Feel free to use them as you wish.