Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling- or why I am willing to put oil into my mouth and swish it around until I can’t anymore

I know “pulling oil” sounds a bit strange and the idea of the oil extracting toxins a bit exotic, but if you are like me, this makes it even more appealing. After all, oil is absolutely natural (something we cant really say about all stuff we put into our mouths for “cleansing” purposes). This simple, safe and inexpensive practice is known to have great results in terms of detox & rejuvenation.


Here is a short list of its many benefits:

The oil is said to remove bacteria, toxins and even parasites from your mouth and lymph system, clear the throat, relieve congestion (mucus) and loosen your sinuses, the oil also re-mineralizes the teeth (making them whiter and stronger) and benefits the gums and like all detox practices, it improves the immune system and can help clear skin conditions.


Are you ready to try?

Put a tablespoon of any unrefined, high quality oil (in Ayurveda sesame oil is a favorite but you can use any other oil of your choice) in your mouth and swish it around as you would do with mouthwash for any time between five or twenty minutes. Be careful not to allow any oil in your throat and don’t swallow it, the oil is full of toxins! When you are done, spit the oil into the trash can (it could clog the pipes) or into the toilet and rinse your mouth until it feels clean and fresh. Repeat daily (or as often as possible) and be happy!

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