Simply Ayurveda

I know ayurvedic cooking can be intimidating. The list of ingredients in many recipes is sometimes endless and is full of names one has never heard of, but as foreign some dishes may appear, the principles behind them are simple and easy to apply.

  1. Eat fresh food. Cook good quality, regional and seasonal products.
  2. Keep it simple. An important idea behind ayurvedic cooking is making food easier to digest. Mixing too many ingredients will make even light food heavy.
  3. Keep it light. Deep-frying and big amounts of cheese or meat will make the meal hard to digest. Go big on the veggies!
  4. Use good quality spices (these do not have to be Indian!) that are ideally not any older than 6 months; after a year they can be thrown away or kept as decoration in your kitchen.
  5. Use fair trade products whenever possible. After all, we are taking in energy though what we eat. Intensive animal farming is as condemnable as industries based on exploitation (coffee, tea, coconut oil, cacao and many spices are easily available in fair trade quality).
  6. Eat with awareness and when you are hungry and most importantly, love what you eat!