Four tips for calming a wild mind

I don’t think I know anybody with a more active mind than mine… or maybe I do… my mother! Seriously, even if a creative mind is good in my line of work, I do wish sometimes I could find the “turn off” button. Yes, even a yoga teacher! So whenever I see my monkey mind getting wild this is what I do.

  1. Find structure. Waking up at the same time everyday, finding a morning routine (cleansing, yoga, breakfast) that will set the mood of the day helps me center and focus and actually get things done.
  2. Feel, observe and slow down the breath. It is common sense that you cannot be feeling grounded and breathe like you’re being chased by a bear, yet we often forget to use the breath as a powerful tool to alter the state of the mind. A practice as simple as sitting, observing and smoothing out the breath does wonders.
  3. Warm oil massage. Use a warming & grounding oil (like sesame) to feel nurtured and loved. Make sure you reach the entire body (spending extra time on the feet and the toes) and use slow, calm & soothing movements.
  4. And for an extra treat, take a warm bath after your self-massage!

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