Be inspired!

Staying inspired is part of my job and believe me, it is hard work!
I spend a lot of time searching for content that gives sense and depth to yoga classes that could easily turn into routine or become superficial. Of course I have a daily yoga practice that helps me teach from my current experience, but I often need more insight, and though I attend at least one workshop per month, the web still offers some of the best ways to accessing good, informative and inspirational sites. Read up!

  1. Yogaglo–  a platform with more than 2,000 yoga classes, organized per teacher, tradition, length and level. The instructors are great. Great value for a not-so-big monthly fee!
  2. Yogaeasy and Yogamehome have a similar concept with classes in German.
  3. Meditation partner Insight Timer helps you keep track of your sitting practice, make you feel part of a larger community and offers set meditations for free.
  4. Yoga International provides articles, classes and courses on a diverse range of subjects (asana, philosophy, nutrition & meditation), much of it is for free.
  5. Yogauonline specializes in Yoga Therapy with some of the biggest names in the field. They also have a lot of free material available.
  6. Yoga Healer, Cate Stillman, is an inspiring woman who puts out systematized and accessible information about Ayurveda, nutrition and lifestyle.
  7. Oh she glows and The Green Kitchen Stories are beautiful Blogs with tons of recipies that are both healthy and delicious.

This keeps me on track. What inspires you?

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