Yoga to the rescue- simple practices for busy times!

No, it is not all bliss in my yoga world. Like most of the people on this planet, I am too, sometimes (and not all that seldom) faced to having to push my edge and work a lot. One of these phases has just started and this time I have a plan: a YOGA SURVIVAL PLAN!

  1. Make time for myself throughout the day. I don’t mean hours of deep meditation but a couple of minutes of quiet (no phone, no computer) to pause and recollect.


  1. Make sleeping a priority. Good-quality sleep every-single-day. This might involve an earlier & lighter dinner, making lunch the most important meal of the day and not doing work before going to bed (yes, even if a couple of emails stay unanswered).


  1. Spend less time online. Avoid spending time discovering new sites and getting new great ideas for fantastic future projects. I know my nervous system will thank me for it and that I will sleep better and be more focused.


  1. Eat well. I used to think salad and low fat cheese would provide me with enough fuel, it’s taken me years of self-study, several trainings and a couple of thousand euros to understand it doesn’t. My plan: to eat nurturing, warm and cooked food to stay grounded in the middle of the storm.


  1. Ditch alcohol. I appreciate a glass of red wine after a long day but I know I can’t afford its toll if I need to feel my best.


  1. and my personal favorite: commit to a daily yoga and meditation practice that keep me both empowered and provide a space for turning in and being in silence.


More details about this life-saving yoga practice next Thursday!