4 Day Detox- Ayurveda style

It is time to detox! The change of season calls for a change within our bodies, and as we prepare for the winter this cleanse should focus on grounding and nourishing, on slowing down and eating clean whole foods that are easy to digest and give the system a break. I plan a 4-day detox and already started today!

On the picture you see some of my new friends:

  1. Ghee– or clarified butter. Thought to help release undigested food-like-stuff sticking to the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. Organic, seasonal and regional vegetables– to be eaten cooked, warm and refined with spices to aid digestion. Pumpkin, carrots and fennel are great as they are soothing and easy to digest.
  3. Ginger for cooking and for ginger water, said to increase agni, the digestive fire.
  4. Good quality oils for self-massage. A simple practice that calms the nervous system, nourishes the tissues and organs, soothes, calms, and detoxifies.
  5. Lots of tea and warm water, believed to help flush out the toxins in the body. Best to be consumed independent from meals and in small quantities trough out the day.
  6. Mung beans and basmati rice for kitchadi, the ideal detox-food in Ayurveda, being both nourishing and cleansing… and the only food I will be seeing for the next four days. I am so much looking forward to this adventure!

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