Ayurvedic Sweetness

How to make sweet, nourishing and easily digestible  „Ayurvedic Energy Bites„.

If you are like me, you will enjoy some sweetness now and then. In the Ayurvedic tradition, the sweet taste is said to have a grounding and nourishing effect (as it is related to the earth). Eaten in moderation, it is thought to promote longevity, strength, and healthy bodily fluids and tissues. It also gives a feeling of satisfaction and is linked strongly to feelings of love. All grains, some vegetables (like carrots, beets and sweet potatoes) and most ripe fruits are sweet in taste and should be consumed on a regular basis. And for those of us with a bit of a sweet tooth, there is an infinite number of recipes of „energy bites“ that are healthy alternatives to commercial chocolate and other industrial products. Here is my best advice on how to make them:

ayurveidc energy bites1. Use dried fruit as the base: the most commonly used are dates, raisins and figs (as they have a sticky quality). For an exotic touch, you can also use mango, apricots, pineapple, coconut or cranberries. Be sure to use organic quality. Grapes, for example, are on the famous „dirty dozen“ list of foods we should always consume in organic quality.






ayurvedic energy bites 22. Roast the nuts: Nuts will provide for a stronger bite, will add good fats and a bit of protein. Use any sort of your favorite nuts (walnuts, almonds & cashews are the most common but seeds like sesame and sunflower will work as well). Be sure to roast them freshly, this will enhance their flavor and digestibility.






energy bites 33. Add some spices. The trick to making theses bites easier to digest lies strongly in the spices you add. On their own, dried fruit and nuts are heavy in nature, but making them into a well ground mass and using spices like cinnamon, cardamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove will make them much easier to digest. You can also buy a mixture if you don’t keep all of these spices at home (I love Alladins Kaffee-Gewürz from Sonnentor) .

4. Pep them up with raw cacao powder, flowers, chia seeds, matcha tea, vanilla, chilly, other spices of your choice or grains like oats and popped amaranth (which will work really well).

5. Grind well in a food processor. Almost any common brand will do.

6. Keep them in a tight air container. They will stay fresh for at least a couple of weeks but will probably not last that long.

7. Enjoy mindfully, in peace and without regret.  Make eating a self-care and self-love practice. Know you are nourishing yourself and connecting to the earth. Enjoy each bite, feel the texture and open to the taste and to the sensual experience of eating. Food’s potential to heal lies not only in its intrinsic quality but in HOW WE EAT. Regret and other negative feelings have no place.

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