Pinda Sweda- last week’s highlight!

Pinda Sweda

What is Pinda Sweda and why I loved it!

Pinda Sweda is a vigorous ayurvedic treatment performed with a small linen bag filled with grains and herbs (for example rice or mung beans) used to firmly massage the body and induce sweat. The procedure is used to stimulate the skin and the muscle and like many other ayurvedic treatments, it involves the use of medicated oil (lots of oil) that is previously heated in order to both nurture the deeper tissues and release toxins from them.

The treatment lasts for about an hour and has a relaxing yet revitalizing effect, leaving the skin soft and the muscles relaxed. It is used to treat a long list of ailments and symptoms like arthritis, muscle weakness, insomnia, mental stress, join stiffness, heaviness of body and water retention.

I was very lucky to get this great gift from Bernadette and am already thinking about what treatment I am going to try next. Probably Abhyanga on a long, cold and dark winter day…




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