Restorative Yoga

be still

As much as I love a sweaty, rigorous and physical yoga practice, I also appreciate the benefits of a quiet, still and internal session. But for such an experience to fully unfold, five minutes of Savasana are definitely not enough.

I don’t think I’d still be still standing on my head or would find sense in (yet another) Warrior I, if I had not found the link between Asana practice and the mind. And, trust me, I didn’t find it while shaking on one leg, it became clear while sitting in what often seem(ed) endless sessions of trying to feel, sense and witness the body and the breath. Yet, doing restorative yoga has taught me to be patient, persistent and kind to myself.

Restorative Yoga is a refined practice where the body is placed in different positions creating an internal environment that facilitates a connection to subtle energies like the breath. Through the use of props, the body is supported to stay comfortably and effectively in the few poses practiced during a session.

This form of yoga is not about stretching. The body is used as a tool, a way to access within; and even if through in some poses some stretching occurs, it is not the aim of the practice.

It is not only about “relaxing”. This practice is about learning how to develop a sense of presence or connection, regardless of what arises. Anxiety, boredom or disinterest might come up, but will eventually transform into something else.

It is not about mastering a technique but about learning new ways to relate to our bodies and to our minds.

It is not about learning a repertoire of poses but about a systematic practice of simple ways of connecting within. A class often serves as inspiration for a regular home practice or as motivation to keep on doing it.

And because I am eager for you to enjoy the benefits of such a beautiful & transformative practice, I invite all old and new students to try out my new class (Relax & Restore) for the price of a Trial Class: €10,- . If you are interested, send me an email: