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Yoga Tutorial: Quick release for the lower back

It is almost epidemic! In almost every single class I teach people will complain of tightness in the neck and a sensitive lower back. Yoga has not only a good reputation against these common issues but it is quick and effective: most practices will have some focus on strengthening the core muscles, making space and mobilizing areas that tend to become stiff and increasing body awareness. All very effective tools against these and other bodily issues! Here is a (very) quick sequence to help release and soothe the lower back. Filmed with Abraham from, Die Cabreras, and produced by Reini, from Loving Salzburg.

Quick Yoga for a tight neck and upper back

Sitting long hours working with the back hunched can be really challenging for the muscles in the neck and the upper back. A great way to mobilize and create a sense of freedom is to introduce short pauses that bring back movement and help us connect to the breath. This will not only get the energy flowing and help release the muscles that tend to get tight but will also allow for more focus, concentration and centeredness. Thank you Nabila and loving Salzburg for your help!

Mala Tutorial with Judith, from urbanyogi

Mala meditation or japa meditation.

Malas are necklaces or bracelets used in meditation practices that involve the repetition of a mantra. A mantra is a meaningful word (in Sanskrit or in your any other language) that is used to awaken certain qualities in the mind. You can use a phrase like “let go”, an affirmation like “I am strong” or traditional mantras.

This word or phrase is typically repeated 108 times: the Mala is used to keep track; using a bead for each repetition.

Malas are not only useful but they are also very beautiful. They are made of natural materials that hold themselves a transformative energy (like crystals, semi-precious stones, seeds and symbols). Wearing the mala can be a way of staying connected to the qualities we want to see getting stronger in ourselves. Malas are carefully crafted, put together in mindfulness and with much sensitivity. Just like the Malas of Judith Herzl-Rößler, from urban yogi, who let us have a look into her treasure chest and inspired us with her passion for malas, design and detail. You can find a selection of her work at Atelier Aki Oedl and her whole collection in her Etsyshop.

The following is an intro-version of the complete tutorial, check it out for more detailed info.

Tortoise: Yin Yoga with Jeanette Fuchs

I learned to love Yin Yoga in Jeanette’s classes, quite an achievement for an impatient practitioner who is used to always striving for more. Yin Yoga is a slow paced practice of long, passively held poses. Its benefits are many: on the physical level it is great for increasing flexibility and joint mobility, reaching also the deep levels of the connective tissue. At the energetic level, it works on the meridian system, stimulating the flow of energy through certain energy channels, which is said to act on organ function, the immune system and overall wellbeing. Yin Yoga can also act as antidote for our fast paced life and pushy nature. This practice encourages us to become attentive, cultivate patience and a deep sense of presence. Try it out! Your body will thank you for it…

Yoga Interview: Jeanette Fuchs

The world needs more yin!

Journalist, travel blog author and yoga teacher, Jeanette Fuchs, shares her experience as a committed and very inspiring yogini. She teaches regular classes, workshops and organizes retreats. Find her busy schedule here.

Together, we will be hosting “Flow & Glow” a Yoga Event in the Schweiger Deli on June 18th.

Do you want her “keep things simple” tea recipe? Read the text under the video. And stay tuned for next week’s Yoga Tutorial where she shows her favorite Yin Yoga Pose. Thanks for everything, Jeanette!

Yoga Interview: Florian Eibl

This is the first of a series of interviews I will conduct with people I work with; people whose teachings I find specially interesting and whose energy inspire me not only as a yogini, but also as a person.

This time I talked to Florian Eibl, or Flo(ws), a yoga teacher and massage therapist from Salzburg. Florian, like many Austrians, is an outdoor junkie; his whole being is rooted deeply in nature and so is his practice. He teaches a special form of yoga called “The Five Element Form” spread by Peter Clifford, who learned it over four decades ago from an Tantric Sadhu in Assam. This form of yoga synchronizes simple movements (performed in a flow) with breath, sound and the visualization of color to regulate and balance the five elements that we are made of (according to the Ayurvedic tradition). It is a practice that understands and addresses our being in its totality: our physicality through, for example, the stimulation of organ functioning and the release of muscular tension, as well as our emotional and spiritual being.

Listen to Florian himself to find out more! And visit his website for more Information: www.flows.at

A special thanks to GustaV for the location and for the great food.