Mala Tutorial with Judith, from urbanyogi

Mala meditation or japa meditation. Malas are necklaces or bracelets used in meditation practices that involve the repetition of a mantra. A mantra is a meaningful word (in Sanskrit or in your any other language) that is used to awaken certain qualities in the mind.…

Cooking Tutorial: Immunity Tea

Immunity Tea

A great way to boost your immune system naturally!
And because being sick is no fun, use it as a preventive method when the first signs of a cold arise or as a way to recover faster. If it doesn’t help, it won’t hurt either. The tea is delicious and very easy to make. Watch the video or follow the instructions bellow it.

Tortoise: Yin Yoga with Jeanette Fuchs

I learned to love Yin Yoga in Jeanette’s classes, quite an achievement for an impatient practitioner who is used to always striving for more. Yin Yoga is a slow paced practice of long, passively held poses. Its benefits are many: on the physical level it…

Yoga Interview: Jeanette Fuchs

The world needs more yin!

Journalist, travel blog author and yoga teacher, Jeanette Fuchs, shares her experience as a committed and very inspiring yogini. She teaches regular classes, workshops and organizes retreats. Find her busy schedule here.

Together, we will be hosting “Flow & Glow” a Yoga Event in the Schweiger Deli on June 18th.

Do you want her “keep things simple” tea recipe? Read the text under the video. And stay tuned for next week’s Yoga Tutorial where she shows her favorite Yin Yoga Pose.

Thanks for everything, Jeanette!

Yoga Interview: Florian Eibl

This is the first of a series of interviews I will conduct with people I work with; people whose teachings I find specially interesting and whose energy inspire me not only as a yogini, but also as a person. This time I talked to Florian…

A little video project is born…

After a while of thinking about it, I finally started filming the first few clips of my video project. Thank you Loving Salzburg, I would have never gotten started without your help! I will be doing short interviews with people whose work I find inspiring…